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Sigal Mitgatz - Jewelry designer - IMPULSIVA

Sigal Mitgartz, a designer working in her Hadera home studio, creates jewelry that combines expressive simplicity with superb craftsmanship.

Sigal's passionate fascination with modern art and technology along with her intuitive spirituality has led her to develop her own authentic style inspired by Cyberpunk and Fetish Bondage BDSM themes.

Impulsiva jewelry is made of chains and recycled leather with occasional additions of organic materials from nature. At times Sigal adds original photographs from her personal portfolio. 

All items are handmade with loving attention and a careful eye for detail.

You are invited to get acquainted with Impulsiva's innovative collections.

You are welcome to contact me at:

Sigal Mitgatz - Jewelry designer - IMPULSIVA
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