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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

ענבל רוזנטל, סטייליסטית ומעצבת תלבושות לקולנוע וטלווזיה
Inbal Rosental, stylist and costume designer for film and television

"Two fashion topics related to or happening in the valley and the surrounding area. This time the wonderful jewelry designer Sigal Mitgartz and good news for all Goth and punk lovers returning to Big Time under the title 'Steampunk', or cyberpunk.

In today's world when the discourse on accelerated technological development and human-machine integration is already here. When the future is dystopian and unclear. Influences from genres of science fiction combined with gothic and futurism simultaneously produce a fashion that combines elements of haute couture, neo-Victorian, gothic romantic subculture, gothic "Lolita", elements of grunge and so on.

Steampunk jewelry that is handmade many times includes screws, gears, small mechanical parts, etc. And here Siegel enters the picture with a unique collection. These are silver jewelry in knitting work. Mostly necklaces and collars. In the valley they are almost unknown because it is mostly sold abroad. But the truth is that in the nineties there was no stylist in the country who did not take jewelry from it for all the most coveted fashion productions made here. Sigal is influenced by cyber punk fashion, festivals like Burning Man and movies like Med-Max. Her works are spectacular and special and are seen on everyone else according to what he / she brings. Her jewelry gives statement, power and presence. She is also connected to the "cost play" scene (disguise as characters from series, making costumes in personal production) and her "Sansa" jewelry from the Game of Thrones is highly sought after. Who is it for? For anyone who understands interest and loves unique silver items and jewelry with power and presence. "

Inbal Rosental wrote, Stylist and costume designer for film and television Posted in Go Local

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